Frequently Asked Questions

FundsforNGOs Premium is an exclusive, cost-effective way to access a broad range of funding information and resources through one easy-to-use website. As a Premium member you will get access to donor profiles, funding alerts, an NGO Resource Library, funding calendar, sample proposals, training videos and more.

For more than eight years, FundsforNGOs has been offering free services through its primary website ( Although this website continues to benefit thousands of organizations, there were still certain gaps in identifying donors and raising funds. So we decided to invest and offer a more professional platform so that our users can easily find donors, proposals and build their own fundraising capacity. As this service consumes enormous resources, we have decided to charge a fee from our users to cover our costs.

No. We do not arrange funding nor give any guarantee of funding success. Our objective is to increase the capacity of NGOs in raising funds by giving them skills and knowledge.

We understand that different organizations can have different needs and we may not be able to satisfy everyone. It is because of this that we are offering a 14-day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with FundsforNGOs Premium during the first 14 days of your sign up, you can inform us here and we will make a full refund with no questions asked. However, please note that only users who make online payment are eligible for a refund. It is not possible for us to issue a refund for those users who pay us via international bank transfer or other manual payment methods

If you make an online payment, your subscription profile will be created by our payment processor. As soon as your subscription expires, our payment processor will automatically bill your credit card or bank account. In case of manual payments such as international bank transfer, there will be automatic billing. To renew membership in this case, you can contact our support team here.

We provide more answers to your questions here. The FundsforNGOs Premium customer support team is happy to answer any question you may have. Please click here to reach us.